Teens admit to abandoning baby

His 14-year-old girlfriend had just given birth in the toilet, but she did not know what to do with their baby.

The man, 18, and his girlfriend are still secondary school students.

To see his baby grow up yet not allow it to be traced back to him, he decided to leave it as an abandoned child outside his family's flat.

Yesterday, the Secondary 3 student pleaded guilty to one charge of a rash act, two of having sex with a minor and two charges of digital penetration of a minor.

He cannot be named because of a gag order to protect the identity of the girl, now a Secondary 1 student.

The couple met at a function and got together in August 2014.

Shortly after the girl's 14th birthday in January last year, they had sex at a staircase landing of the girl's block on two occasions.

After the second incident, both decided to focus on their studies and met less frequently.


Some time in May or June 2015, the girl found out that she was pregnant and told her boyfriend.

Not knowing what to do, they kept the news to themselves.

At about noon on Aug 2 last year, the girl thought she had a stomachache and went to the toilet at home where she felt extreme pain.

Then, she heard the sound of a baby crying.

She saw her baby lying in the toilet bowl, picked it up and washed it in the sink.

The girl then called her boyfriend, but neither knew what to do with the baby boy.

Eventually, they left him in a bag outside the man's family flat at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

There was also a letter which stated that the baby belonged to a single mother who could not afford to raise it.

The couple then waited at the void deck to ensure the baby was found.

At about 4pm, the man's mother found the bag and woke her husband when she heard the baby crying. They decided to call the police.

An ambulance also arrived and the young couple saw Singapore Civil Defence Force officers going up to their unit.

The man's mother also phoned him to say she had found a baby.

About five hours later, the couple returned to the flat and confessed that the baby was theirs.

Community Court Judge Mathew Joseph called for a pre-sentencing report and the man will next appear before the court on Feb 4.

The girl has been charged in the Juvenile Court for her part in the offence.