Travellers to US unfazed by post-election events

Reports of rowdy street protests and an increase in hate crimes on minorities after Mr Donald Trump won the US Presidential election have not deterred Singaporeans from making travel plans to the US.

Travel agencies approached by The New Paper said they have not seen any cancellations so far.

Dynasty Travel spokesman Alicia Seah said: "Travellers are usually concerned if there are frequent terrorist attacks, ongoing intense crime or violence, civil war or health alerts of an epidemic outbreak.

"With the result of the recent US election, there may be short-term events of demonstrations which will not affect travel sentiments."

Similarly, a Chan Brothers spokesman said it has not received calls from any concerned customers.

"Similar to last year, bookings and inquiries for travel to the US have been consistent throughout the year," she said.

Ms Seah said the demand for US tours has stayed stagnant in the past five years, but there was a slight increase of about 5 per cent this year.

"This is in view of direct flights into San Francisco and higher demand in the leisure segment as well as student markets," she added.

A woman who declined to be named said the election results and strong US dollar is putting a damper on her plans to travel to Boston, Washington DC and New York next week.

The sales executive, who is in her early 30s, said: "I will still be shopping, but will probably not spend on big-ticket items like branded bags.

"I'm just going there and hoping that the places I visit will not be affected by the protests."

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