8 steps in making dragon beard candy

Madam Lili Ho explains the significance of the eight auspicious steps in the making of dragon beard candy.

Step 1: It starts with a hard rock of malt, warmed with everyone's friendliness and warmth, good vibes and intentions.

Step 2: The malt softens and is transformed to the shape of an ancient Chinese coin, a gift of wealth for everyone.

Step 3: From the golden coin, the shape of the number eight is formed. In Chinese, eight sounds like "fa" which means prosperity - a reference to the arrival of wealth for everyone present.

Step 4: The malt threads are further spun to form the shape of the infinity symbol, symbolising infinite good health and sustainable wealth to all present.

Step 5: The fine threads of the dragon beard are formed.

Step 6: The thin delicate threads of the dragon's beard are carefully transported from the flour pot (also known as the dragon's place of leisure where the dragon is formed and is resting) to the galaxy, represented by a long silver plate.

This step, when executed properly, looks like a dragon flying out of the ocean to the mountains.

Step 7: The privilege of sharing. The fine threads of dragon's beard are carefully shared in equal parts for all those who are privileged to eat it.

Step 8: Gold, represented by the peanut bits, is added to the dragon's beard to form the imperial treasure that is dragon beard candy.

(Above) The completed dragon beard candy.