Elderly man's death an unfortunate misadventure

He had been observed by his family members to be acting strangely just before his disappearance, said State Coroner Marvin Bay in his findings yesterday.

The instances included standing by the side of the road and yelling at passing cars, and getting lost while travelling between familiar places.

Mr Ow Lew Bin's son also told police that on the day his father went missing, the elderly man was not able to recognise the family car even though he was just 10m away.

Mr Ow did not seek medical attention as no one in the family had a history of dementia.

His family members did not link his odd behaviour with any form of mental illness or cognitive disability, said Mr Bay.

Mr Ow's daughter-in-law told The New Paper that she was unaware of her father-in-law behaving strangely.

Mr Bay also said that Mr Ow had been observed to be prone to losing his balance and had a few falls.

Mr Ow's son told the police that his father had fallen a few times after drinking alcohol at coffee shops.

The state coroner ruled out foul play or suicide and said Mr Ow's death was caused by an accidental fall into the drain.

Mr Bay added that the elderly man was never diagnosed for any severe or chronic conditions that could have caused a sudden death.

While no fractures were found, Mr Ow's body was too decomposed to rule out soft tissue injuries, Mr Bay said.

As such, he said Mr Ow died from an unfortunate misadventure.