'A Hello Kitty collector wouldn't mind the price'

Remember the snaking queues for Hello Kitty at McDonald's in 2000?

With every Extra Value Meal, you could buy a pair of the plush toys ­- Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel figures dressed in wedding costumes of different cultures - for $4.50.

Now, each unopened pair can cost up to $300 and the complete set of six pairs is going for $1,900 on mobile marketplace application Carousell.

McDonald's began the 40-day Wedding Design Hello Kitty toy promotion on Jan 1, 2000.

PRESERVED: Mr Shaibani Osman has put up his Wedding Design Hello Kitty collection for sale at $1,900. -- PHOTO COURTESY OF SHAIBANI OSMAN

The promotion sparked queuing frenzies, fights and even a shattered glass door at the Boon Keng Road outlet, injuring seven people.

Technical supervisor Shaibani Osman, 48, recalls: "The longest I queued for was about 12 to 14 hours. Sometimes I'd start at 8pm and queued till the next day to get the toys.

"I didn't expect the $4.50 value to increase so much over the years."

The non-Hello Kitty fan says he joined the queue for his then eight-year-old daughter and his wife, who are fans of the mouthless cat from Japan.

He has placed the Hello Kitty wedding set for sale at $1,900 on Carousell after looking at what the other sellers were offering.


Mr Shaibani feels that the price he has set is appropriate because of all the hard work he has put in to preserve the sets.

He had wrapped them in plastic and stored them in his wardrobe with silica gel packets to absorb the moisture, preventing the Hello Kitty toys from "ageing".

"A Hello Kitty collector wouldn't mind the price because of the time and effort I've put in to maintain the condition of the toys," he says.

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