Maid jailed for ill-treating toddlers

She had lashed out at her employer's two toddlers, thinking that nobody would find out.

Last October, Indonesian maid Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya kicked Mr Christopher Sun's 21-month-old daughter and slapped his eight-month-old son's back multiple times.

But Khaerun, 28, did not know about the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in Mr Sun's four-room flat in Woodlands.

Yesterday, Khaerun was sentenced to four months' jail on two counts of ill-treating the children.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kenneth Kee had asked for a jail sentence of at least four months because the minors were "defenceless, young toddlers" unable to voice their concerns to their parents.

Mr Sun, 28, had placed a hidden camera after finding scratch marks on his daughter's arms in May, the month Khaerun started working for the family.

CCTV footage showed Khaerun, a native of Lombok, Indonesia, feeding the children in the living room at about 6.50pm on Oct 14.

She suddenly kicked Mr Sun's daughter on her left thigh after the toddler refused to finish her food and started to vomit and cry.

The kick caused the girl to fall on her right side and hit her head on the floor.

About 10 minutes earlier, her younger sibling had cried during feeding.

Khaerun, a mother of four girls, then shouted "no" and slapped the boy's back multiple times with her left hand.


Her lawyer, Mr Nasser Ismail, said Khaerun "had reached a breaking point where she lost her mind on that fateful day".

A combination of stress and depression had triggered her ill-treatment of the children, he said during mitigation.

He added: "Khaerun never intended nor actually harmed the children. She is truly remorseful for her folly."

At the end of the court proceedings, a cheerful Khaerun was heard saying, "Thank you, Ma'am," to District Judge Michelle Yap.

"Khaerun never intended nor actually harmed the children. She is truly remorseful for her folly."

- Mr Nasser Ismail, lawyer for Indonesian maid Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya