MP Tin Pei Ling to monitor mums-to-be in her ward

MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling, whose ward is part of the Zika-affected area in Aljunied Crescent, was out and about yesterday evening, reaching out to pregnant residents.

On Monday, she told The Straits Times that her team was compiling a list of pregnant residents in her ward to monitor their well-being and pass information on to them.

Yesterday, she told The New Paper that she had 20 names on her list, but expected it to grow.

"Although many of them are not from Aljunied Crescent and are from other areas in MacPherson that have not seen locally transmitted Zika cases, we're still putting them on the list," she said.

"But we'll be paying special attention to the pregnant women who live in Aljunied Crescent."

She added that there were seven women from Aljunied Crescent on the list.

Ms Tin said: "If (residents) have a specific question about Zika, we can help facilitate and seek answers from officials. Zika is still something new for us Singaporeans, so we're learning along the way in terms of what we can to do help our residents.

"But for a start, (we're) connecting everyone and making sure we have a channel to share information and updates."

- Additional reporting by
 Nurul Asyikin Yusoff

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