Other cases

JULY 2015

A Filipino maid was jailed two weeks for hurting a baby.

While attending to her employer's crying baby girl at around 1.30am on Feb 21, she had pulled the seven-month-old's right hand forcefully, causing a fracture.

She admitted to being forceful with the baby as "she was agitated and tired".

APRIL 2015

Indonesian maid Annisa was jailed three years for lacing breast milk meant for her employer's two-month-old baby with eucalyptus oil.

She had meant to scare and anger her employer into sending her back to Indonesia.

Her crime was discovered in August 2014, when her employer noticed a pungent smell coming from one of the bags of breast milk she had kept in the freezer.

The employer later discovered among Annisa's belongings a bottle of eucalyptus oil.

APRIL 2012

A Myanmar maid was jailed three months for flinging a knife at her employer's daughter, aged 4.

The maid's action in February that year was caught on a hidden CCTV camera.

She was seen slapping the girl on the head, hitting her arm and pulling her hair.

The maid took a knife with a 20cm-long blade from the kitchen after being frustrated trying to get the girl to eat.