PM Lee reveals updated SGSecure app

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday unveiled enhancements to the SGSecure mobile app, which has been downloaded to 340,000 mobile devices since its launch last September.

After subscribers update the app, they will receive customised alerts that will notify them of emergency incidents in their vicinity, based on postal codes of specific places such as their homes, schools and workplaces.

They will also receive alerts on terrorist attacks and related incidents in specific regions that Singaporeans have key interests in, such as Asia, the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The SGSecure app serves as a one-stop portal for people to download useful information about counter-terrorism and receive alerts in the event of major emergencies here.

It also allows the public to send information to the police via text, photographs or videos.

Community volunteers and Home Team officers have visited more than 50,000 households since the official launch of the SGSecure movement.


Moving forward, SGSecure programmes will intensify outreach to schools and workplaces, said the Ministry of Home Affairs in a press release yesterday.

Pre-school teacher Ireen Yip, 65, who has downloaded the updated app, thinks it will be useful as she will be able to get news about important events quickly.

She said: "In the past, I relied on the radio or my friends who would tell me about the news." - LINETTE HENG

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