Their stories in their words


"My name S.Vijayakumar. I come from India.

I have worked in Singapore eight years already.

I go back to India three times already. I work in the marine sector, first time I do piping, now I do fitting job for the ship.

Maybe I work here one or two more year. I married already, have one baby."


"My name is Karim Razaul. I from Bangladesh. I work in a construction company doing things like hacking (making a surface rough so that plastering can be done efficiently) - hard job, many hard jobs.

Now, I working on a building at HarbourFront. A tall building, 11 blocks. I work in Singapore one year three months.

I don't know how long I want to work, maybe 10 years? If hard job, maybe work five years?"


"My name is Ramachandran Chellamani. I in Singapore from 2003 until now.

Now I work on Jurong Island as lifting supervisor for 50, 70, 300 tonnes crane. We building power plant now. Every morning at 6.30, one bus come in, fetch us to work. Last time I stay at Soon Lee dorm, I stay in this new dorm for one month now.

I come from India to Singapore to work. Make money, send back home."