They performed CPR to save man in courtroom

SAVIOURS: Station inspectors Quek Suan (left) and Jahabar Sadiq were coming out of a meeting last November when they were told that a man had collapsed in a courtroom. TNP PHOTOS: CHOO CHWEE HUA

As police officers, they fight crime to save lives.

But what station inspectors (SI) Quek Suan and Jahabar Sadiq did not expect was to have to save a dying man in a courtroom at the State Courts.

They had just ended a meeting on Nov 27 when a colleague told them that a man in his 50s had collapsed in a courtroom.

SI Quek said: "We rushed immediately to find a pale, unconscious man. His lips had turned purple and he was not breathing."

The court interpreter was already administering an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on the man when the duo arrived.

AEDs send an electric shock to the heart to revive it.

SI Quek, who celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday,said he immediately administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man.

SI Jahabar, 39, held the man's head in a tilted position to maintain an open airway.

The man started to breathe on his own after two cycles of CPR.

Each cycle comprises 30 chest compressions and two blows of mouth-to-mouth breathing.


SI Jahabar said: "The sense of relief I felt when he took his first breath was indescribable."

The man was semi-conscious for about seven minutes before Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel arrived.

Around 10 people were at the scene, including court employees and police officers.

While both SI Quek and SI Jahabar are CPR-certified, this was their first time administering CPR.

SI Quek, who has been with Singapore Police Force (SPF) for 25 years, said: "Luckily, the steps were fresh in my mind as I had attended a CPR re-certification course just one week before the incident."

SI Jahabar has been with SPF for 18 years.

They hope this incident will inspire their colleagues to help save lives without hesitation.

SI Jahabar said: "Nothing really went through our minds during the incident.

"We only knew that we had to give the man a chance to live."

I have so much to thank him for and I'm glad I can meet him to convey my thanks.

- Mr Tan HanĀ ThengĀ on Mr Edwin Huang