'We want people to love themselves'

GET HEALTHY: Rock The Naked Truth founder Cheryl Tay. PHOTO: ROCK THE NAKED TRUTH

Rock The Naked Truth wants to help people who have body image issues.

Its founder, freelance journalist Cheryl Tay, 29, says the group has regular meet-ups and exercise sessions every month.

This is to help people love their own bodies and get healthy.

"We want people to love themselves and learn to accept that their bodies are not meant to be of another shape. And we want everyone to be fit, healthy and happy."

Miss Tay started the group because of her own experience. As a big teenager, her self-confidence was badly affected.

"I grew up thinking I wasn't good enough, and I used to feel inferior about myself," she says.


"I had all the grouses about my body - boobs too small, legs too thick, arms too flabby, butt too big, face not pretty - but my extroverted nature concealed how I really felt about myself."

Miss Tay took weight loss to the extreme, spending thousands of dollars on weight-loss programmes and eventually succumbing to diuretics and laxatives.

But none of them worked.

It wasn't until she hired a personal trainer, who made her lift weights, that she saw her body change.

She says: "It took me a while to admit what I went through because I felt ashamed and weak.

"Through this group, I am hoping people will open up and share so that we can become healthy together."

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