What happened

Samuel Lim Hong Xiang was just three months old when, out of jealousy, a maid poured sulphuric acid down his throat.

It happened in 1999, when Samuel was left in his grandmother's care.

His grandmother had gone out, but his parents' Indonesian maid Latifah was in the flat with him. She was in the kitchen while Samuel slept in the living room.

Just then, Ms Sumiyem, 17, another Indonesian maid working with the family, poured sulphuric acid into Samuel's mouth.

She was jealous of Ms Latifah and had wanted to get her into trouble.

Ms Sumiyem was jailed for eight years in 2000.

The attack left the baby with terrible scars, and also severely damaged his tongue, throat and vocal chords. His upper airway was completely blocked.

To enable him to breathe and be fed, Samuel went through two major operations.

His parents, both 27-year-old engineers then, were devastated. His father, Mr Lim Boon Keong, told The New Paper in 2000: "My wife won't trust anyone to take care of him now. We just want to shower him with all the love that we have."