Slashed man approaches locals for help

In November, Madam Janny Cheah, 59, had an encounter with violence on Penang island.

A Myanmar man, bleeding from his wounds after running away from his attacker, appeared in her estate.

Madam Cheah, a retiree, recalled: "The man rang the doorbell of my neighbour's house, asking for help. He said someone had slashed him."

Her neighbour called the police and the ambulance.

Madam Cheah said: "My neighbour kept talking to him to ensure that he didn't faint or die. I was scared that his gang would turn up and slash him, so we stayed at the porch area with the gate locked."

Despite the drama, Madam Cheah is not afraid when she goes out. She said: "They don't go after us (locals), they only go after their countrymen."