SMRT Ltd (Feedback) on Xiaxue

1 Dear @mikeMsayre, please put a leash on your wife, @xiaxue. Sincerely, the rest of Singapore.

- Twitter, Aug 2, 2014

2 Dear Xiaxue and Nuffnang, stop asking people within Gushcloud's network to help spill the dirt on GC by offering cash in exchange.

- Facebook, Dec 30, 2014

3 How is it that idiots like @Xiaxue can go on a tirade about Gushcloud when she herself buys FB likes and inflate(s) her reach?

- Twitter, Dec 23, 2014

4 We insult everyone equally. Even four legged creatures like @xiaxue.

- Twitter, Nov 27, 2012

5 Dear Xiaxue, if you have a high fever, will your plastic nose melt?

- Facebook, Aug 12, 2012