It seems like Singaporeans are pleased with the choice of local veteran actor Lim Kay Tong for the role of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

In an online poll conducted by The New Paper, 86 per cent of our readers felt that Lim is perfect for the part.

The casting announcement, which was made at 1965's press conference yesterday, got the Internet abuzz with excitement as netizens shared and talked about it widely online.

In a previous TNP report, this reporter also chose Lim as one of the three most suitable candidates to play Mr Lee in the movie.

TNP reader Veronica Richard Gilbert commented on Facebook: "There is a slight resemblance, take a closer look."

Online user Muhary Yusof wrote: "Yes, with his age and with his charm, I think you got it right... I liked it when he acted in Growing Up. "

Facebook user Maggie Sim added: "He looks a bit like Mr Lee and he has the depth in view of his long years of experience... Good choice! If he can beef up a bit to match Mr Lee's size and stature, I believe he can pull off the character well."