S'poreans in M'sian bus accidents


A Singaporean woman died from severe injuries after an accident involving three vehicles - a tour bus, an express bus and a trailer - on the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway.

Madam Tham Choy Chan, 74, was in the tour bus with 25 other Punggol residents heading back to Singapore from Genting Highlands when the accident happened.

Sixteen of the passengers were hurt.

Madam Tham was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital in critical condition and died the next morning. 

JULY 2013

A bus carrying 10 Singaporeans overturned and skidded in a pre-dawn accident on the North-South Highway near Pagoh in Johor. Eight passengers and the two bus drivers were injured.

The accident happened around 2am as the bus was heading to Penang.

Muar traffic police said that one of the drivers had lost control of the vehicle, perhaps out of drowsiness.

JULY 2009

Six Singaporeans were seriously hurt after a bus hit the back of a trailer on the North-South Highway near Tangkak, Johor.

All six had to be warded in hospital. The driver was also warded with serious injuries, including broken legs and face and chest wounds.

The bus, which was carrying 26 passengers, was travelling from Singapore to Cameron Highlands.

JUNE 2009

Four Singaporeans were seriously injured during a bus journey from Genting Highlands to Singapore.

The passengers, including 22 Singaporeans and five Malaysians, were on the bus when it crashed into a road divider and landed on its side.

Some passengers said the brakes on the bus had failed, and the driver drove into the central divider in an attempt to stop it.

Passers-by had to use rocks to break the rear windscreen of the bus to let passengers out.