Stars dressing down

There have been other female celebrities who set tongues wagging by appearing less than glam in public.


The 36-year-old Singapore superstar's uber-casual look at a McDonald's outlet earlier this month caused a stir online.


A few months ago, the 33-year-old Taiwanese star, known for her sexy image, was caught on camera looking frumpy as she shopped in South Korea.

She had unkempt hair and an ill-fitting shirt.

The photo drew much criticism from fans, who felt that she should have dressed better.


The 50-year-old used to be one of Hong Kong television station TVB's top stars, but these days she is more often spotted eating at roadside stalls and smoking cheap cigarettes while sporting grey unkempt hair.

Lam, who has been plagued by psychiatric disorders for a decade, made headlines last December when she alleged that she had been raped by two big shots in Hong Kong showbiz.