M'sian man, 36, dies after taking recently banned 'sex performance' coffee

It was his favourite "traditional" coffee and he insisted on drinking it despite his wife warning him about the ban on the brand in Malaysia because it also contained sex performance drugs.


Have you seen weird FB statuses about being a carrot recently?

There were a number of Facebook users posting statuses about how they put dirt on themselves pretending to be a carrot when they're bored.

Don't worry, it's not the next #...

Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo's future comes under more scrutiny as Real Madrid's debt rises

Real Madrid debt rises to S$980 million

Real Madrid has published accounts for the 2013-14 season, which saw the debt rise to a total of 602 million euros (S$978...

High drama: Twilight actor tweets of plane engine explosion before emergency landing


Actor Jackson Rathbone, best known for his role as a vampire in the “Twilight” films, said in a series of Twitter posts that he had been on a plane that made an emergency landing "after...

Watch intruder running into White House grounds

The White House was briefly evacuated on Friday night because an intruder reportedly jumped over the fence and ran on the grounds of the complex shortly after...

'I saw the car run up the kerb and hit diners,' says witness of Geylang coffeeshop accident

A man in his 60s was dragged for about 3 metres when a car ploughed into a row of tables and chairs at a popular Geylang coffee shop last night (Sep 19), sending patrons scampering for safety....

A woman in the US called the police when she found this stuffed tiger lying by the roadside.

Why did someone in the US call the cops over this stuffed tiger?

Make no mistake - the stuffed tiger in the picture you see above caused someone in the United States to call the police.

Yep, it's definitely a cute, plush version of the big cat, but one...

'Mummy' helps clean streets of illegal drugs

To her 2½-year-old daughter, she's mummy.

To the drug syndicates selling their wares on our streets, she's their worst nightmare.

The wide smile she has when she plays silly games...

By the numbers


The new record for the deepest scuba dive, set by Egyptian Ahmed Gamal Gabr at the Red Sea resort of Dahab on Thursday. - AFP

Indonesia told of S'pore's concern

With air quality continuing to hover in the moderate to slightly unhealthy range, Singapore has written to Indonesia expressing concern over the situation.

A thin veil of grey hung over...