For students


The big news is that national exam fees for PSLE, O levels and A levels in government-funded schools will be scrapped for Singaporean citizens from this year.

This will save families with school-going children up to $900 over the primary to pre-university years.

Examination fees for ITEs and polytechnics will also be waived for full-time Singaporean students.


A new transport subsidy will be available to students on the Ministry of Education's Financial Assistance Scheme.

It will pay for at least half of their transport costs and can be used for public transport and school buses.

Currently, these students receive free uniforms and textbooks.

Self-help groups will also receive an additional $6 million over the next two years to help needy students.


Students in Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions will get more money in their accounts. (See chart below.)

A polytechnic student from a lower-income family could offset a full year's school fees with the Post-Secondary Education Account (Psea) top-up and existing bursaries.


Students will get more help charting their career paths.

A professional core of education and career counsellors will be developed for schools and institutes of higher learning to guide students in planning their future careers.

Enhanced internships will be available in two-thirds of polytechnic courses and half of ITE courses over the next two years. There will also be more overseas exposure opportunities for ITE and polytechnic students.

(Exam fee waivers) will definitely help parents, especially if they are considered mandatory levels that have to be cleared. With a couple of hundred dollars saved, parents can use it for some additional help, like buying of books and assessment materials, or even tuition.

- Mr Walter Lim, 45, marketing consultant and father of Primary 6 boy