Surgeon: 'She'll need at 
least six months to recover'

There is a chance that Christy could recover by June next year.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Tan Ken Jin, who is not involved in treating her, told The New Paper that this is possible if she is strongly motivated and receives good rehabilitation.

"Considering her age, she will need at least six months to recover," he said.

Dr Tan, who is from Orthosports Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, added: "She needs to rest and go for regular physiotherapy."

Christy, a national youth triathlete, had compression fractures and a fractured hip bone after her accident last Monday.

Dr Tan said: "The front part of the spine is made up of blocks. A compression fracture happens when these blocks are crushed or flattened."

Christy wore a brace for the first time yesterday.

Said Dr Tan: "The brace will support her spine and prevent further deformity to it during the healing process."