Tasers in the police force

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) first implemented the use of Tasers at two neighbourhood police centres (NPCs) in July 2005.

Initially, only officers from Geylang and Bukit Merah NPCs were issued with the Taser X26 guns.

These non-lethal weapons are now deployed to all NPCs islandwide.

They are capable of temporarily disabling a suspect by sending a 50,000-volt charge though the body.A suspect would be instantly incapacitated once he is Tasered.

This is because two barbed darts from the gun will latch onto the suspect's skin and send volts of electricity through the body, blocking the central nervous system.

A police spokesman told The New Paper that front-line officers are currently equipped with Tasers, revolvers, batons and other equipment.

She stressed that there are strict guidelines on the use of Taser guns.

She added that Tasers had been used in incidents involving subjects who were physically violent or were armed with dangerous weapons such as knives or broken glass bottles.

She said: "The deployment of Tasers in these incidents allowed the subjects to be subdued and the situation was diffused without causing serious injuries to anyone.

"There have been no deaths or serious injuries linked to the use of Tasers by the SPF."