Tea from all over for everywhere

Tea tox, which uses tea to cleanse your system has gained traction over the past months, with multiple companies sprouting their own blends.

Using two special mixes, the SkinnyMint Teatox programme aims to increase a person's energy, reduce appetite and burn fat.

The company, which is based out of Singapore, says more than 10,000 people have tried the teatox since the firm launched it in February.

Miss Clo Gallet, the firm's business development manager, says it intends to expand within South-east Asia.

For SkinnyMint, the programme comes in two versions: The 14-day starter teatox and a 28-day ultimate teatox.

Using natural and organic ingredients, the tea leaves are sourced from locations including Argentina and China, then blended in Germany by tea sommelier Kasia Vermaire.

The 14-day teatox, which costs $29.90, can be purchased from, which offers free delivery worldwide.

The 28-day version costs $54.90.