MAY 20

Physics teacher Paul Tan Sze Aik, 37, was convicted of sexual offences with a boy, then 14.

They met when the boy accepted Tan's Facebook friend request - made under an alias - in November 2012. Tan told the minor he was 19.

They engaged in sexual activities the next month. The boy made a police report on Jan 3 last year.

Tan will be back in court today. His passport has been impounded.

FEB 25

Yeo Chang Yong, 30, was sentenced to 26 months' jail for sexual exploitation of two of his students, then aged 14 and 15.

Yeo was posted as a contract teacher to his victims' school in 2009.
He committed the offences the following year after completing his postgraduate diploma at the National Institute of Education.

Yeo pleaded guilty to two charges of having sex with the 15-year-old and admitted to fondling the 14-year-old.

FEB 19

A 42-year-old teacher pleaded guilty to committing indecent acts on a 13-year-old boy.

They met in early 2012 when the boy was a Primary 6 pupil in the school where she taught.

That October, she kissed him on the lips and gave him a love bite on his shoulder. She did the same on two more occasions.

The married mother of four was sentenced to six months' jail.