Tekka exempted from Public Order Act

PRECAUTION: Police have suggested that drinks vendors at Tekka Centre's hawker centre sell beer only in cans. TNP PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

To reduce the risk of glass bottles being used as weapons in fights, the police have suggested that stall owners at the Tekka hawker centre consider selling only canned beer.

"All of the stall owners police spoke to had said they will consider doing so for safety reasons," said a police spokesman.

At Little India, Tekka Centre is one of the remaining few places where patrons can buy and drink alcohol beyond 8pm because it holds a beer house licence.

Establishments which hold public house and beer house licences are exempted from the Public Order (Additional Temporary Measures) Act, which was enforced in the area in April.

Under the Act, shops licensed to sell alcohol can only do so until 8pm on weekends, public holidays and eve of public holidays.

Alcohol also cannot be consumed in public places during weekends, from 6am on Saturday to 6am on Monday.

The prohibition also applies from 6am on the day before public holidays to 6am on the day after the holiday.


In a previous interview with The Straits Times, Moulmein-Kallang MP Denise Phua said there has been an "overwhelming request by residents to ensure that restrictions... remain, especially in the public housing areas".

Calling these residents' appeals fair, Ms Phua said they are just asking for a "safe, clean and alcohol-free designated communal living space".