'There was no warning'

The meeting among the men was supposed to settle a misunderstanding, not turn into a bloodbath.

That was what Mr Lee Hong Jie, 21, one of the witnesses, told The New Paper yesterday.

"I knew most of them as classmates and I didn't think that there would be weapons. No one was supposed to get hurt," he said.

Mr Lee, who owns a shop selling mobile phone accessories, recounted what happened in a phone interview.

"It was supposed to be a guy-to-guy talk. We wanted to clear a misunderstanding," he said.

But Tan Jun Wei, 19, and his friends became aggressive and shoved them, said Mr Lee.

"That was when I felt something was wrong. So I told my friends to leave.

"Wayne (Tan)suddenly took out his knife and started slashing (Mr Dion Ku's) neck. There was no warning," he said.

Two others were also stabbed in the chest.

Mr Lee said he and Mr Sam Goh, 19, then helped their three injured friends escape from Tan, who continued to swing the knife in their direction.

When asked if he was shocked or scared at the sight of blood, he said: "I didn't think about that. All I cared about was helping my friends and getting them away to safety."

"Thankfully, there wasn't a lot of blood," said Mr Lee, who added that the victims' wounds did not seem very deep then.

Mr Lee said Mr Ku and the rest have since recovered.

"They are okay now," he said, but added that they have not kept in touch since the incident.

Will they forgive Tan?

"We haven't seen him since then. It is hard to say."