There's no gender discrimination

She may be a woman but it does not stop Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ng Siew Peng from climbing to the top.

The 37-year-old (left) made history when she became the first female senior officer in Certis CISCO.

"The organisation does not discriminate between genders. As long as one has the ability and requisite qualifications, one can go far in the company," said ASP Ng, who has been the Officer Commanding of the Hold Baggage security screening unit at Changi Airport for three years.

ASP Ng initially thought of joining the police force, but found the six-month training period too long.

She said: "I thought joining Certis CISCO, which had a shorter training period, would be a good stepping stone for my future police career. But I eventually found that a career at Certis CISCO is fulfilling and rewarding."

Miss Ng, who joined the organisation as an O-level holder, also managed to obtain a Diploma in Police Studies and Strategic Management from Temasek Polytechnic, and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Management degree.


"My diploma course was fully subsidised by the organisation and my degree course is partially subsidised. The company is supportive of its employees studying and upgrading themselves," she said.

She also had the chance to hold different portfolios within the same organisation.

She said: "My life is never boring, there are always new duties to perform and new things to learn about. The company believes in developing people and our bosses emphasise work-life balance."

Among the useful skills ASP Ng has developed along her career is that she is certified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to conduct security audits.

Last year, she also had the chance to work with a Certis consultancy to provide a manpower plan to Abu Dhabi airport.

"As the unit at Changi Airport has grown from 120 people in 2006 to over 3,000 today, I have had many chances to learn new skills.

"A Certis CISCO career is a promising one because the organisation values its people and provides many opportunities for self-development," she said.