'They're territorial, violent'

Penang police have repeatedly reassured the public about their safety.

And several residents of Penang island told The New Paper on Sunday that the killings have not stopped them from going about their business.

Mr Shaun Woo, 35, a human resource manager, said he takes precautions.

The father of three would stay away from certain places, such as Bukit Jambul and Komtar, on the island.

He said: "I will not take my family there. There are many foreign workers there, probably because of the lower-end malls."

He said of the Myanmar suspects: "I know they are territorial and violent as I have managed hundreds of them before."

He added that Myanmar nationals are hired in big numbers in smaller companies such as those in the food, wood and chemical industries on the mainland.

Mr Woo said: "They are not as highly educated and technically capable, so they are usually employed in the non-electronics industry."

"Fighting among men is rather common, so the tendency for violence can be high. I had many cases of fighting in my plant."