Thoughts on the street

The New Paper asked 50 young people what they thought of the video yesterday.

Here's what they said:



BAD: 42


"It's commendable that they're making an effort to use new media to reach out while attempting to make it modern to connect to youth today. The acting and video production only dilutes the impact of the message."

- Rong Feng Ng, 24, SIM student

"They maintained the squeaky clean, goody-two-shoes image. It's a sensible move, but nothing amazing to inspire the people either."

- Arts student Ling Yu You, 22


"Horrible sound editing with inconsistent volume and bad video editing. And the robotic acting! The video is so awkward."

- Mr Gideon Goh, 20, tech database manager

"A ridiculously bad effort. It feels like a school project done grudgingly by students who don't really care about their grades."

- Student Chao Xiu Lin, 20