Three more hours to sell alcohol is big deal

Most coffee shops in Geylang can sell alcohol only until midnight.

But a handful - those whose owners renewed their liquor licence before the Little India riot last December - can still sell alcohol until 3am.

Of the 15 coffee shops The New Paper visited that were still selling beer, 11 had to stop sales by midnight. Only four had the extended hours.

Ms Yi Zi, who co-owns a chain of coffee shops, has one in Lorong 28 which can sell alcohol until 3am, but her other coffee shops have to stop by midnight.

Ms Yi said: "I renewed the licence for No. 1 Cafe last year. The other coffee shops that can sell alcohol only until midnight had their liquor licences renewed this year."

Having three extra hours to sell alcohol is a big deal, coffee shop owners told TNP.

An owner of a coffee shop at Lorong 21, who declined to give his name, said: "I was lucky to get a licence to sell alcohol until 3am. I hope I get to keep it."

TNP understands that the 3am licence is an extended licence that establishments can still apply for and is available this year.