Tips to clear three new obstacles

TOUGH: (Above) In The Network, participants have to climb over a lorry with a rope mesh. (Top) In the Leap of Faith, participants have to take a big leap to reach for a pole that is some distance away. PHOTOS: SPH MAGAZINES


A multi-staged obstacle, where participants must balance on a slackline (similar to a tightrope) while gripping onto handholds. They would then have to jump across a gap between the slackline and the final platform.

Tip: Do exercises such as planks for core stability. Train your upper body with chin-ups.


Participants have to manoeuvre their way on a see-saw, which will challenge their balance.

Tip: Having a strong core is the key, so work on plenty of planks.


This challenge of agility requires participants to climb through tyres that are hung at different heights.

Tip: Work on your coordination to be able to pass through each tyre in a smooth motion. Also, take time to visualise how you are going to get through each hoop.

- Tips from Mr Kelvin Tan, editor of Men's Health magazine