Tips for couples


  • Always remember that men have a fragile ego. They tend to be unexpressive and stoic when it comes to emotions.
  • Give the men the respect, the love, the admiration, the verbal praises, the starry eyes, the listening ear, the lovemaking.
  • Send the message that the husband is the head of the household, and that he is loved for being the one in charge.
  • The most successful women are the ones best in convincing their partners of their love and devotion in all situations.
  • Allow your man to take charge. It is not about being submissive but respecting the man you married.


  • Learn to express your feelings if you feel inadequate. Women, like men, can be insensitive, especially when the strain of the workday gets to them.
  • Voice out your frustrations in the home and in your relationship. Approach a professional counsellor if you need coaching on how to do that without appearing weak to your partner.
  • Recognise that just because your wife is more competent - earns more money - and more dominant, that does not mean you are useless.

Tips given by counsellor Joyce Ling and psychologist Richard Lim.