In the movie Lang Tong, one of the most difficult things actress Angeline Yap had to do was to simulate sex on-screen.

People have no idea how technical the whole process really is, she said.

Yap gives five tips from her experience shooting the movie:

  • Before filming starts, discuss with your co-star what you should do - where you should place your hands and what you are comfortable with to avoid awkwardness later.
  • Rehearse before shooting and talk yourself through it a few times.
  • Pretend that you are having sex with someone that you really love. That emotion will help facial expressions be more realistic.
  • Get in character. Don't be distracted or self-conscious of your body.
  • Do not eat or drink much before the scene. Some water and vegetables are fine. You do not want to look bloated during the scene as that will affect your confidence.