Titani close to fugitive Wilson Raj

Titani Periasamy and convicted match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal (above), 49, were associates when it came to betting on football matches.

Three sources gave an insight into their friendship.

As a teenager, Titani had run away from a boys' home and sought refuge in Wilson Raj's family flat because he trusted Wilson Raj, one source said.

Wilson Raj, who was arrested in Finland for match-fixing and passport forgery in 2011 and remains a fugitive after fleeing Singapore in 2010, trusted Titani.

Now under Hungarian custody, Wilson Raj taught Titani how to use online gambling sites, sources said.

He later made Titani his "sole agent" to place bets on foreign football matches because Titani had a lucky streak and usually won money for him.

His role included collecting bets and distributing payments to bettors.

On a few occasions, Titani delivered huge amounts of cash to unknown persons on Wilson Raj's behalf.

But his luck ran out when he lost "a few million dollars" of Wilson Raj's money in a European football match in late 2009, sources said.

In 2010, Wilson Raj kept a low profile after fleeing Singapore to escape a five-year jail term for injuring an auxiliary police officer.

But sources believed the pair kept in touch.

When Wilson Raj was extradited to Hungary to help in match-fixing investigations after serving a two-year sentence in Finland, he spoke to Titani frequently via Skype.