TNP gets innovative


What do golf and creative design have in common?

Both are innovative ventures to make SPH more than just a news company.

Mr Patrick Daniel, Editor in Chief of SPH's EMTM Group, commended The New Paper in his opening speech yesterday for paving the way in creating competitive positions in new business areas.

"Think", TNP's award-winning art department led by creative editor Ken Jalleh Jr, has commercialised its services from earlier this year, providing services in illustrations, storyboards, cartoons, interpretative journalism, online animation and infographics to clients.

The initiative was set up to meet demand from clients to communicate complex messages and policies simply and visually.

Think's aim, as it says on its website (, is "to captivate audiences in a challenging era of short attention spans and bring clarity to complexity".


SPH Golf is another venture spearheaded and run by a team from The New Paper and SPH marketing.

Swing is a new monthly golf special by SPH Golf - its first issue was published last Friday in TNP.

Swing is also published in the Business Times and The Sunday Times, but the content in each paper caters to its respective target audience.

"Our launch issue last weekend made a great start and we hope to grow it from there," said Mr Daniel.

Apart from Swing, SPH Golf will also organise golf events, starting with the BT Corporate Golf League and other events to serve the golfing community.