On the couple who were told on their wedding day that the groom was already married

Emma Krish

Really? Something is fishy here. The bride is only 19. Maybe it's a sign that she is too young to get married.

Lynne Ismail

Obviously there is a huge mistake in the system. I feel sad for them.

Suresh Shawn

He tried to save $300 on his IC, he lost $15,000 on his wedding.

On Iain Macintosh column: Remember, you're the champions

Suresh Shawn

It will be another drawn game, 2-2, for Man United.

Shuling Tan Sammi

There is no hope as long as David Moyes is managing Man U.

Two Woodlands crashes: 1 killed, 5 hurt

Eeleenz Liang

Oh my god! I saw both of these accidents yesterday! Rest in peace.

Affai Ridzal

I was there along Woodlands Ave 12 looking at the body of the dead rider yesterday after it happened around 8.40pm.

The heavy vehicle was seen at the centre lane. A woman was seen wailing emotionally at the side of the road.

May you rest in peace my fellow rider.

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