Trailblazing changes

Key programmes of ITE's strategic plans for 2015-2019, also known as ITE Trailblazer

Enhanced career cluster framework

  • Collaboration with industry to support career progression based on industry-relevant skills.
  • An additional 100 Higher Nitec vacancies this year.

Applied learning for industry relevance

  • By 2020, all ITE course will have an internship component, an increase from the current 60 per cent of all courses.

Place-and-Train Programmes

  • ITE certificate holders will be matched with employers who will provide structured on-the job training, complemented by classes at ITE. This allows them to upgrade while earning a salary.

Industry-Recognised Career Continuous Education and Training programmes

  • To promote a culture of life-long learning by enhancing skills deepening among adult learners.

Education support, counselling and career guidance

  • Education and Career Guidance (ECG) centres will be set up in each of the three ITEs, with six counsellors each.
  • From this year, all Year 1 ITE students will have to go through 40 hours of ECG curriculum, where they will go for industry visits and pick up skills such as resume writing.