Tuned to the sound of music

DIFFERENT NOTE: Mr Azariah Tan’s hearing aid is adjusted for listening to music.

A hearing aid is an electroacoustics device designed to amplify sound for the wearer.

It is usually aimed at making speech more intelligible and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry.

The aid is usually fine-tuned according to the type and degree of hearing loss, said Ms April Chong, an audiologist with Siemens Medical Instruments.

With musician C's device, Mr Azariah Tan has three different programmes for three different listening situations.


"His main programme is for music, so the settings are adjusted differently from the normal aid," said Ms Chong.

"Every single gain channel is individually tuned to his perception of frequency.

"As his audiologist, I visit him whenever he is back in Singapore, so he could play on the piano and perceive the sound quality with every tweak to his device."

But Ms Chong said the important thing about fitting someone with a hearing aid is the counselling to ensure that the user clearly understands the whole process to wearing it and getting used to listening to sounds.

"The wearer has gradually grown to not listen after losing his or her hearing. We need to make sure he maximises the use of the hearing aid," she said.