Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein

On my way 2 d Ops room with PM @NajibRazak & FM @Anifah_myg now. MOT @liowtionglai is on his way back frm Beijing. Will keep everyone updated.

Kirit Radia, ABC's Moscow correspondent

More from Ukraine's Foreign Ministry: "Ukraine will present the evidence of Russian military involvement into the Boeing crash."

Balkanist Magazine

#Ukraine separatist leader Igor #Strelkov: "We did warn you-do not fly in 'our sky.'" #MH17

Netizens react

Intan Maizura, whose husband was on Flight MH370

Family MH370 praying for Family MH17 #PrayForMH17 #PrayForMH370


Really heartbreaking to see to two tragedies within the last 6 mos for Malaysia Airlines #MH17.


The blame game begins.. Will it be ever known that who shot #MH17 or remain a mystery like #MH370 ? #PrayForMH17

Keith Thomson

Should it really come to a crash for airlines to consider rerouting their flights? #MH17 is a tragedy that should never have happened.

Ahmer Murad

Families of #MH370 have expressed grief and shock at the #MH17 tragedy on a Chinese social networking site.

Desi Kadyova

This is crazy. Feeling confused. #MH17 #MalaysiaAirlines