Twin sister went into coma and never woke up

In 2011, Miss Tan Suxuan, then 20, had visited the hospital for a monthly spinal check-up and was hospitalised for seven days for observation.

But two weeks before she died, her blood pressure suddenly plummeted.

Her father, Mr Tan Sew Poh, 64, believes it was due to the medication she had been taking at the time.

Miss Suxuan went into a coma and never woke up.

Since then, her elder twin, Miss Tan Sumiao, had been badly affected by the death, said her mother, Madam See Beng Hwa, 63, previously.

A close friend of Miss Sumiao, Mr Alvin Lee, 22, also said that she was "quite upset" by Miss Suxuan's passing.

Mr Tan said the twins had been close and had shared many happy memories.

He recounted an incident from years ago when the twins came across an injured crow on the street.

"They were so anxious that the crow was injured and even called for some animal welfare service to look after the bird."

"They were very kind, these girls, and it's a memory that I have kept in my heart," he said with a smile.