Unprescribed pills dangerous, say docs

Taking medicine without the proper prescription could be dangerous, especially in the long term, said Dr Madeleine Chew, the managing director at MW Medical.

After the coroner's inquiry into Ms Sheila Goh's death ended, she told The New Paper that it was unusual for a person to be abusing gliclazide, a drug meant for diabetics.

"Most of the time, people who do such things take painkillers or steroids.

"But it is definitely dangerous to consume such drugs without a doctor's or pharmacist's prescription," she said.

"It's certainly not a good practice as you may be allergic to the drug or it may have side effects that you don't know about."

Dr Clarence Yeo from Killiney Family and Wellness Clinic said that over-the-counter pills are relatively safe, but advised users to always check with professionals before consuming them.