'Victim taunted bullies'

The beating was provoked, said the aunt of one of the "bullies".

The woman, who wanted to be known only as Ms Sunny, contacted Adam's father to apologise after she found out about the incident.

Her nephew, Leo (not his real name), 15, had sent her a text message, saying "I'm in trouble" and told her about what happened.

Ms Sunny claimed that Adam had taunted her nephew and called him names such as "coward" and "gay".

During their confrontation, Adam told the older boys that they could hit him if they were not happy with his "jokes".

Leo hit Adam on the face. The impact resulted in a cut near Adam's eye and his plastic glasses were broken.

Ms Sunny said: "My nephew didn't want to hit him at first, but they are teenagers and things happen when they are provoked."

She also claimed that Adam and the older boys sat down to talk after the fight.

She said: "Adam challenged the boys to a one-on-one fight, but my nephew declined. He didn't want to hit Adam again."


Ms Sunny added that Leo is sorry about the fight and had not expected Adam's injury to be so serious.

She said: "My nephew has a temper, but this is the first time he has got into such a fight. He is at fault in this case because he laid hands on another person.

"He is still young. I hope this does not end up in court because it will ruin his future."

When contacted, the principal of the secondary school said: "The students are not known to be involved in any gang. The fight broke out as a result of verbal teasing."

After finding out about the reason behind his son's attack, Adam's father said that he has advised his son to be mindful of his words in future.

"He's still young and thinks he's just joking, but he doesn't understand how his words will hurt people," he said.

The students are not known to be involved in any gang. The fight broke out as a result of verbal teasing.

- School principal