Public speaking executive coach Gary Guwe said the video may have given the impression that youth activists cannot connect.

The managing director of Speak! Ventures, 29, has about 10 years' experience as a trainer. He outlined what worked and what didn't.


Robotic reading = Perceived lack of sincerity

"People value authenticity. So there is less patience when someone is simply reciting from a script as you're unable to feel their sincerity.

"Limited hand gestures and body language add to the impersonal impression.

"There's the saying: People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Contrived delivery

"Speaking in a more natural tone and individually (rather than as a group) suggests spontaneity.

"Phrases like "balancing market forces and government intervention" sound rehearsed.

"Ordinary folks don't speak this way."

Greater expectations

"The young activists in the video are seen as representative of the ruling party and also of Singapore's future.

"So people expect more in terms of how the message is conveyed, rather than what is delivered."


Concept of servant leadership comes across

"The desire to be of service to the people of Singapore is clear."

Alignment within party

"Everyone is focused on common goals, which is a big plus for the leadership.

"It points to strong discipline and consistency within."