Vietnamese community reaches out to family

The Vietnamese community here rallied to help Ms Tran Cam Ny's family.

A friend, who gave her name as Ms Ah Tao, 31, said that when news of Ms Tran's death broke, messages were sent out to look for her family members.

Ms Ah Tao, who has been in Singapore for more than 12 years and runs a Vietnamese eatery, said: "A friend sent me a message, asking for help to look for Ms Tran's family members.

"I saw a picture of her and I could recognise her. I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew her. We managed to find her sister in Malaysia and contacted her."

Another friend, who gave her name as Madam Le, 40, said that she saw a post on Facebook rallying Vietnamese people in Singapore to help the Tran family.

She said: "Some gave $5, some gave $200, some gave $2,000. My friend gave $4,000 to the mother."