Other animal welfare groups, like Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) and Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS), said they did not see the need to appoint a CEO for their organisations.

ASD, which was established in 2000, received $338,000 in donations last year. This is slightly more than half of what the Cat Welfare Society had last year.

But ASD spokesman Ricky Yeo said the group has not seen the need to appoint a governing figure.

He said: "When we established the society, a committee was formed with formal procedures and protocols and this has carried on till today.

"For example, all cheques are signed by two committee/board members and the committee takes a vote on policies made."

Despite a stable and consistent framework and structure all these years, ASD needs more dedicated and motivated people to lead the organisation in spearheading animal welfare policy changes, he added.

CAS, which was started last year, has yet to get its annual figure established.

CAS spokesman Christine Bernadette said: "We have an executive committee but we do not feel we need a CEO to make decisions as we are still a small organisation.

"As CAS grows and takes on more volunteers, we will look into establishing more structure."