We learnt from each other

Emergency Couple actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo opened up about their imperfections, and each other, when they met the media here in Singapore.

1 You were voted as the most beautiful natural beauty in a recent poll in Korea. How did you feel about that? What would you say is your favourite feature?

Song: "It was an honour. However, I still have a lot of flaws, it's just that I want to show my natural side to the audience instead of covering up the things that I'm not happy with. As I age, a different side of me will show and I hope people will like this natural progression as well. I like my smile."

2 How do you feel about your accomplishments so far?

Choi: "A lot of times (in my career), I wanted to give up. I'm a candid and honest person and I want to say the things I want to say. This is not suited for the entertainment industry. I (also) felt that I wasn't a good enough actor. For Emergency Couple, I felt pressure to perform so I'm very thankful for Ji Hyo and the rest of the cast as they were good to work with."

3 In the scene where you had a big fight, did you get hurt?

Song: "The top priority for scenes like these is safety so we had many rehearsals to prepare for it. We had to break a lot of expensive things as we were throwing them around, that was such a pity (because it's such a waste)."

4 How do you feel about each other?

Song: "Before I got to know him, I thought he looked like a very strong person. I then found out that he's very friendly, hardworking and passionate about his work. He really loves what he does. I really enjoyed working with him."

Choi: "She's a very caring person and very friendly and would take care of all the people on set, including the extras. I have a lot to learn from her, she's a very compassionate person."

5 What was the most memorable scene for you in Emergency Couple?

Choi: "For me, it was the last scene where we can see the development of the characters. It wasn't about the romance between our characters but more because the whole cast was involved. It was more emotional, that's why it was memorable."

Song: "The huge fight scene we had, as it explained the premise of the drama. It showed why the relationship wasn't working out between us before."