We stay alert but sometimes, it's just luck

When tow-truck driver Jim Koh goes to work every day, his wife always warns him to be careful.

She constantly worries that he might not come home.

He told The New Paper: "We never know what will happen while attending to accidents on the road."

Mr Li Hongzhou, 40, a tow-truck driver, was killed on Jan 10 while attending to an accident on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

The New Paper spoke to other tow-truck drivers about the perils of the job.

Said Mr Koh, 28, who has been in this line for seven years: "My closest shave was in April last year when a car swerved and almost hit me while I was at the side of the road.

"It narrowly missed me by just half-a-car's length. It was very scary."

Said another tow-truck driver who declined to be named: "We are always careful to avoid accidents on the roads. But sometimes, all it takes is a careless driver."

The tow-truck driver, who is a friend of Mr Li and has 10 years' experience, added: "There is always this fear when we step onto the road with cars driving past us.

"But sometimes, it also depends on luck. You can never see it coming."

Mr Koh said tow-truck drivers should always switch on their blinker lights, set up traffic cones and wear reflective vests while working on the roads.

"In this job, we can never be a hundred per cent safe. But we have to take every precaution and be alert."