This week's judges

Darren Soh, 37, is an independent architecture and landscape photographer. His latest projects involve the photography of public housing buildings in Singapore and, a photo project to celebrate Singapore's upcoming 50th birthday.

Terence Heng, 36, is an Assistant Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology. A photographer and sociologist, he documents the religious lives of Singaporeans in and around the cemeteries and heartlands.

Tay Kay Chin, 49, is a co-founder of Platform, a gathering of Singapore-based photographers, who use stills, videos or multimedia, to tell stories. He worked in newspapers here and the US before becoming a freelance photographer and photojournalism lecturer. He runs NTU's photojournalism programme and leads its Going Overseas For Advance Reporting programme. His website is at:


Continue sending in photos for Building Our Home Together this week. Show us the interiors and spaces that Singaporeans live in today and stand to win $500. The deadline is midnight, Thursday.

From Friday, our new fortnightly theme is 2014, as we look at what the picture of the year was for you living in Singapore.

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