'We've tried everything... Facebook, Twitter'

DESPERATE: Mr Ang Yong Hong with his wife Madam Maggie Fong and his son.

About three weeks ago, doctors gave Mr Ang Yong Hong two months to live.

Unless he could find a suitable liver donor within that time, he would only have about a month left, said his wife, Madam Maggie Fong, 44.

"We need him," said Madam Fong of her husband, who is battling a form of liver failure.

"He's a good husband and father to our two children (aged 16 and 18), I can't lose him like that," she added, her voice cracking on the phone.


Mr Ang, 52, who holds two jobs, is the main breadwinner in the family.

From 4am to 1pm, he works as a cook at a vegetarian stall in Yishun.

He goes home to rest for three hours, before heading out again to work from 4pm to midnight as a relief taxi driver.

Madam Fong, who helps out at the stall, said: "It's a tough life, but he does it without complaint."

Her husband has always taken care of himself and gone for frequent medical check-ups, especially since he was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2010, she said.

But last year, he noticed a lump in his stomach area.

"It just kept growing and growing. It seems like when he touches it, it grows even more," recalled Madam Fong.

He also began to feel weaker and his legs started swelling.

Eventually, it became too painful for him to work. He went to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where he found out that his liver had failed and that he needed a transplant.

Since getting discharged, Mr Ang has been resting at home.

Madam Fong said: "We've tried everything. My children tried Facebook and Twitter. I've asked all my relatives. I feel so helpless."