What is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a publicity campaign to raise awareness and money for the non-profit ALS Association in the US.

The campaign, which has gone viral in the last few months, challenges participants to dump buckets of ice and/or water over their heads, post the pictures on social media and nominate others to do the same or donate money to the association. Many do the stunt and donate.

In Singapore, even MPs like Teo Ser Luck and celebrities like actress Rebecca Lim have taken part in the challenge.

The ALS Association said it received more than US$100 million (S$128 million) in donations from the challenge.

How the money raised would be used, however, remains a bit of a controversy.

The donations were supposed to fund research into a cure for ALS, but the ALS Association's website shows that research accounts for just 28 per cent of the group's annual expenses ending on Jan 31 this year.

The other funds went into, among other things, public education, and patient and community services.